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Icom Realty Forms (When requesting a Mere Listing please send us your current tax assessment)

The following forms must be recieved by our office before scheduling any appointment.
Property Data Entry Form.pdf
Working With a REALTOR.pdf
Property Disclosure Statement Residential.pdf
Property Disclosure Statement Strata Title.pdf
Individual Identification Information.pdf


British Columbia Personal Privacy Information
Personal Information Protection Act.pdf


British Columbia Real Estate Law
Real Estate Development Marketing Act.pdf
Real Estate Services Act.pdf


Canadian Real Estate Association Realtor Information
Realtor Code of Ethics.pdf

Okanagan Manline Real Estate Board Local Real Estate Statistics
Statistics January 2011.pdf
Statistics December 2010.pdf
Statistics November 2010.pdf
Statistics October 2010.pdf
Statistics September 2010.pdf
Statistics August 2010.pdf
Statistics July 2010.pdf
Statistics June 2010.pdf
Statistics May 2010.pdf
Statistics April 2010.pdf
Statistics March 2010.pdf
Statistics February 2010.pdf
Statistics January 2010.pdf

British Columbia Strata Forms and Information
Strata Forms.pdf
Strata Property Regulation.pdf
Standard Strata Bylaws.pdf
Bare Land Strata Regulations.pdf
Bare Land Strata Plan Cancellation Regulation.pdf

British Columbia Rental Forms and Information
Landlord's Application Dispute.pdf
Manufactured Home Tenancy Agreement.pdf
Rental Condition Report.pdf
Rental Decision or Order Review.pdf
Rental End Tenancy Mobile Home Park.pdf
Rental Final Notice for Condition Inspection.pdf
Rental Mutual Agreement to End Tenancy.pdf
Rental One Month Notice.pdf
Rental Proof of Service.pdf
Rental Rent Increase.pdf
Rental Schedule of Parties.pdf
Rental Two Month Notice.pdf
Residential Tenancy Act.pdf
Residential Tenancy Agreement.pdf
Tenant's Application Dispute.pdf


Most of the forms herein are taken from BC Laws on February 20, 2011 (If needed please check for newer versions at BC Laws)