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Frequently Asked Real Estate Questions

1-1 Does Icom Realty provide full MLS® service ?

Yes, Icom Realty is a FULL Service Real Estate Broker that provides full MLS® services. We provide Realtor® services just like the others... but offer more choice to both buyers and sellers.

1-2 What makes Icom Realty so different than the others?

At Icom Realty we are truly a different kind of Broker and the LEADER in Kelowna Real Estate Network marketing. Our Real Estate Network offers online exposure not found within the Kelowna Real Estate Industry. Others do not have what we have.

1-3 Why should I choose Icom Realty?

Our advantage is what other Brokers are missing. You will have thousands of potential buyers seeing your home on the Icom Realty Network, buyers who may otherwise overlook what you have. Our Network makes us different and very exciting. We ensure both Buyers and Sellers are totally satisfied with our friendly, results driven team.

1-4 Since Icom Realty offers a premium Real Estate Network.. Are your commissions higher?

We provide competitive commission structures equal to other Local Brokers offering full service Real Estate.

1-5 I am thinking of listing my home, can you provide me with a FREE market evaluation?

YES, Icom Realty will conduct a very thorough market analysis of values within your area and provide you with an idea of what you should expect. Our detailed analysis will look at statistics of homes currently for sale, that have sold and that have expired. We can also provide you with general information on market trends.

1-6 Does Icom Realty list and sell Luxury Real Estate?

YES, Icom Realty markets Luxury Lakefront and Lakeview homes. In addition we are pleased to market and sell acreages and farms. Icom Realty is a full service Real Estate Broker.

1-7 What are some things that I should look for in a Realtor® when selling?

Try find a Realtor® that can provide you with more than MLS® and newspaper advertising. You may want to consider having the maximum power of the Icom Realty Network as part of your marketing plan.

1-8 Other Brokers have a Real Estate web site, why is Icom Realty so different?

It is like a needle in a haystack the more search results the better. Other Brokers Corporate web sites are NOT easily found when searching for Kelowna Property. While others like to claim an Internet presence.. it is Icom Realty who have mastered the methods of getting your home at the fingertips of millions of Internet surfers world wide. If each Realtor® has ONLY one Web site representing them, then our 180 Web sites are like having a staff of over 180 Realtors® working for you all the time.

1-9 Does Icom Realty provide Developers with project management and show suite management?

YES, Icom Realty have experts in project and show suite management. If you are a developer we would be pleased to tailor a powerful marketing program that will have you seeing results quickly. We provide comprehensive world exposure for development projects and a sales strategy unique to every project. Our dedicated staff have established a first class program for customer service, customer satisfaction and followup.